How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Jeans For Your Body Type

Finding the right pair of jeans is no easy task

Most of you will agree when we say that denim jeans are a must-have in one’s style wardrobe. It is undoubtedly a favourite piece clothing across the globe and you can use it in so many stylish ways. Whether it’s about simple and easy-going style, or trendy and sharp look, there’s a pair of denim jeans for everyone and every mood. However, having so many options to choose from, it often becomes an impossible task to find the perfect fit. For some, slim fits work well while some prefer baggy jeans, then there are those who love high-waisted jeans and those who can’t live without low waist jeans.

If you still haven’t been able to figure out the perfect fit for you, here are some tips to remember:

Slim fit

If you have a lean body and slender legs, then avoid loose fitted denim. It will make you look lankier. You should always pick denim that tightly fits your body. Go for slim fit jeans but make sure you have a bit of breathing room in it. Pair it with casual long jackets or denim jackets and boots.

Regular fit

If you have a well-toned body then regular jeans or casual fit jeans can give you the desired look. Sometimes choosing the right kind of denim can be a task. You need to choose the ones that are neither skin fitted nor too baggy. A simple shirt can be a complete game changer when you have the right pair of denim.

Loose fit

Those with athletic bodies should go for loose-fitted jeans. This will help you look a little leaner offering some room to the hip and the thighs. You can wear these jeans for a longer period of time as they won’t make you sweat and will keep you feeling comfortable. Don up loose fitted jeans with funky t-shirts or crop tops.

Classic fit

It is more like a regular fit but with more room in it. The classic fits are the ones that are loose from the legs and do not hug any part of your body. They are an all-time favourite because they work for most body types, particularly those who are overweight. Team it with a statement top for a Sunday brunch or an evening out.

Pick the right denim and look your stylish best.